Destiny 2 patches out Xur hostage exploit - and kills a community of 1700 players in the process

For those Guardians out there tuned into Destiny 2, you’ll be aware of the This Week at Bungie news posts that offer a constant update on what’s up and coming in the popular sci-fi MMOFPS. However they don’t always bring good news, as within the May 19 issue of TWAB it was announced that Xur, the NPC that offers exotics and other valuable weaponry, is undergoing some changes that while small, have essentially killed a passionate sub-community of Destiny players.

But first, an explainer on how these players were messing with the game. Xur, the squid-faced NPC that has long been a beloved figure in the Destiny series, works on a weekly cycle. He disappears for a few days between Tuesday and Thursday, before showing up in a random spot on the weekend in one of the game’s open world maps with a fresh inventory of exotic weapons, armour, and legendary equipment for sale.

As you may imagine, he’s always worth a visit for every player! Newer Guardians can often grab a new exotic to play around with while the more hardcore, stat-focused community can occasionally grab an especially great piece once in a while. But what if Xur doesn’t have something you need? Well, enter the Xur Instances Discord community.

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